Stem cell therapy knee Chennai India

Stem cell therapy Knee India

Stem cell therapy knee Chennai India. Although the concept ‘stem cells” for those cells obtained from the adult bone marrow or fat is invalid, due to widespread usage, this is still prevalent in the public memory. The concept ‘cellular therapy’ is the correct one to use and I use it always. Now and then I will use an invalid old concept like ‘stem cells’ to attract attention to the success stories as a result of ‘Medicinal signalling cells and  this other biologic preparations like ‘Platelet rich stroma’. In this infogram you can see success stories of ‘Medicinal signalling cell therapy for knee in Chennai, India. The later two patients have reported lasting success after one year. This should reassure you that we provide the most durable pain relief and don’t make any fake claims like knee replacement alternative, complete cartilage regeneration etc which are used by many hospitals and practices.

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