BMC therapy Knee Osteo-arthritis, Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam

Stem cell treatment OA knees, patient testimonial

Mr.Saeed Albadawi from Saudi Arabia got stem cell treatment  OA knees in my practice the day before yesterday morning. ( 5th May, 2016).
He has this to say this evening (7th May 2016) :
“My dear friend Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam
My dear friend, Dr. I would like to express to you my thanks and appreciation of what you’ve done toward me from the services and make stem cells process the knees and I would like to tell you that my case at the moment is good Dear Sir Thanks again You Greetings and appreciation
your friend
Saeed Albadawi ”

Stem cell treatment OA knees

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Stem cell ACL, Cartilage repair India

Stem cell ACL, cartilage repair India relieved this young lady’s pain. Partial tears of the ACL can be treated and healed with stem cells, avoiding an ACL reconstruction. Cartilage defects can be healed with stem cells through key hole surgery. This procedure was done for the first time in India. If you have a recently diagnosed ACL tear, this can be treated with stem cells. E mail