Stem cell treatment hip arthritis India

Stem cell treatment hip arthritis India

Stem cell treatment hip arthritis India.

Yesterday I saw a 30-year-old software analyst from northern India. She has had hip pain for  the last two years. After seeing many doctors in her hometown she visited me this week. After doing a battery of tests and x-rays, I concluded that she has got degenerative arthritis of the left hip. Here’s her x-ray.

Stem cell treatment hip arthritis India

One can see joint space narrowing on the left hip. The conventional treatment for this is a total hip replacement.

Stem cell treatment hip arthritis India is an option now.

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Platelet rich Plasma treatment shoulder India

Platelet rich Plasma treatment Shoulder India

Many shoulder conditions can now be effectively dealt with by Platelet rich plasma and stem cell injections. Labral tears, rotator cuff tears, AC joint arthritis, gleno-humeral arthritis can be treated in this manner. I have experience of treating some of these conditions. See how a young man responded to platelet rich plasma injection of his left acromio-clavicular joint. He obtained immediate pain relief. E mail for an appointment.

Sports injury treatment India – Joint Preservation surgery India

Are you suffering from a Sports injury in India? Get Joint preservation surgery done. See how sports injuries result in different sports.  Learn about the different sports injuries. I offer Joint preservation procedures like ACL reconstruction, Meniscal repair, replacement, PCL reconstruction in India. Email

Acetabular fractures India Joint preservation surgery Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam

Acatabular fractures India affect many young and old people. The acetabulum is the socket of the hip joint, the first major joint of the lower limbs. It occurs most commonly in road traffic accidents, fall from heights and domestic accidents. The young and middle aged are commonly affected. Except in the rarest incidence, these fractures often need open reduction and internal fixation to achieve pain free mobility. I have acquired experience in treating these fractures in India and Oman. I present a power point presentation of some cases treated by me.

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Knee Cartilage repair India

Evidence stem cell treatment Chennai

Last night a doctor asked me for the longest duration of evidence stem cell treatment Chennai in my practiceCases of OA knee from 2004 on whom I performed first generation cell procedures constitute this evidence. I started doing first generation biological procedure by arthroscopy in 2004. There are several patients with early knee osteoarthritis who were able to avoid or postpone a knee replacement by several years. Subsequently they either got a further biological treatment or went in for knee replacement. See the videos below for this evidence. This evidence pre dates some of the stem cell clinics in the US who reported their first cases in 2008. Although it was done by arthroscopy, the scientific basis is the same: of getting the body’s cells to repair the body. If you need more evidence for stem cells, please see the FAQ section.

  1. The first video recorded in 2013 is that of a man who underwent a micro fracture of the knee in 2006. His knee pain was relieved. Only in the year 2013 he had some recurrence and this was further treated by a PRP injection. He has not had any problem in the last two years. He has been able to avoid a knee replacement so far.
    Watch the video from 0.48 to 1.24 for the relevant portion. He says that earlier he had severe knee pain and was unable to stand for even five minutes. He underwent a micro fracture procedure at DAE hospital and this relieved him of pain. Micro fracture is a first generation stem cell procedure. It consists of harvesting cells from the base of the damaged cartilage in the knee. Underlying cells flow into the area and organize to form a super clot. These go on to mature to form a covering layer of fibro cartilage. Pain relief results which can last for several years. The MRI picture is also captured in the video at 1.38 fleetingly.

2. In the second video, a lady underwent a micro fracture of her left knee in the year 2007. Her knee pain began from 2005. She was able to obtain good pain relief and function which lasted up to 2011. She finally decided to get  knee replacement in 2013 which is when this video was recorded. So she was able to manage for six years with a first generation cell procedure known as micro fracture. Watch from 4.16 to 6.37. This video is in Tamil.


So one can note that I have followed up my patients over the years. So seven years is the longest duration  of follow up with cell therapy with in my practice with the first generation technique. This constitutes proof. In fact, this news was also published in The Hindu, an English news paper in 2004 and 2005.