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Medicinal signaling cell treatment India relieves knee pain in elderly

Medicinal signaling cell treatment India relieves knee pain in octogenarian. This gentleman was suffering from osteo-arthritis of both knees for several years. He had taken native medicines with no relief. He had undergone a previoius angioplasty which made him fear a knee replacement. His daughter saw a previous press release by Dr.Venkatachalam and encouraged her father to consult this doctor. He was satisfied with the explanation and underwent this procedure in early August 2016. See how this octogenarian got relief in both knees although he underwent the procedure only in the left knee. He got a bonus. Signaling cell treatment is pretty safe in elderly patients. The patient can go home the same day and remain with their family. There is no anesthesia, cutting, bleeding etc. Most importantly, there are no reported adverse effects like heart attack, infection etc. Hence these can be considered as safe knee replacement alternative. For knee replacements in India, please see

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