Stem cell knee repair success story

Stem cell Knee repair success story Dr.Venkatachalam. Cartilage repair has provided 80% relief to this patient after one year. He gets a PRP injection to boost the repair. Biologic treatments help patients to preserve their own joints. See

Single stage cartilage repair

Single stage cartilage repair with stem cells by Dr.Venkatachalam relieved young patients cartilage damage. Cartilage repair is mainly useful in young people with local cartilage defects.

Stem cell treatment Knee osteoarthritis India

Stem cell therapy by Dr.Venkatachalam, India for Knee arthritis relieved this avid trekker’s knee pain within a short time. Cartilage regeneration and repair are triggered by stem cell derived growth factors. Stem cells contain growth factors which are the language they communicate with the body. In the case of knee, they stimulate the growth of cartilage, the natural shock absorber at the end of bones. Healthy cartilage allows pain free movement.