Novel approach to defeat Novel COVID 19

Novel COVID has wrecked havoc over the entire world. All the continents are under siege by a novel SARS Corona virus2. Efforts are on to discover drugs and vaccines to defeat the virus. Going by the past regulatory pathway, these may take months if not years to come. Even re purposing old drugs will take time.

In this bleak context there is good news. Biological treatments have been found to work. In a trial in China, eight patients were successfully treated by mesenchymal cells.

The biggest advantage of this treatment is that it is instantly available to any one on this planet as they are present in our own bodies. The treatment is not out there but within you. They have been proved to be efficacious and safe.

It requires 1 million cells of purified cells per kilo of body weight according to this report

It is also suggested that you consult the WHO guidelines on the Corona virus here.

Medicinal signalling cells

Stem cell therapy Knee in India

  • What are stem cells? Do they really regenerate cartilage in joints by themselves? Many clinics and hospitals make tall claims that stem cells can regenerate knee cartilage and prevent a knee replacement. This is not true. It needs an in-depth understanding of stem cells and their descendants, known as ‘Medicinal signalling cells’ in adults. This PowerPoint should happily clarify your doubts. For your clarity,  I will be conducting a live session on stem cells in the near future. Watch out for this space. Meanwhile you can subscribe to my YouTube channel ‘Madras joint replacement centre MJRC’. #biologics
    Stem cell therapy Knee India
Stem cell therapy Knee India

Stem cell therapy knee Chennai India

Stem cell therapy knee Chennai India. Although the concept ‘stem cells” for those cells obtained from the adult bone marrow or fat is invalid, due to widespread usage, this is still prevalent in the public memory. The concept ‘cellular therapy’ is the correct one to use and I use it always. Now and then I will use an invalid old concept like ‘stem cells’ to attract attention to the success stories as a result of ‘Medicinal signalling cells and  this other biologic preparations like ‘Platelet rich stroma’. In this infogram you can see success stories of ‘Medicinal signalling cell therapy for knee in Chennai, India. The later two patients have reported lasting success after one year. This should reassure you that we provide the most durable pain relief and don’t make any fake claims like knee replacement alternative, complete cartilage regeneration etc which are used by many hospitals and practices.

Knee pain treatment in young

Cellular therapy for knee pain in young patients in India.

Do you suffer from knee pain while sitting or climbing stairs? It could be due to cartilage loss under the knee caps known as patella. Cellular therapy can be used to treat knee pain in young patients in India. In this video, you will hear from a young patient’s father how his son benefited rapidly to this treatment in Chennai. If you want this procedure for your ailment, email the doctor at

Cellular therapy knee arthritis Chennai

Cellular therapy Knee arthritis Chennai India

This seventy six year old banker from Thrissur, Kerala is overjoyed with the excellent quality of life provided by cellular therapy  for knee arthritis in Chennai India. He can walk for long distances without pain. In this one year follow up review, he proclaims the effectiveness of stem cell therapy to provide durable pain relief after one year. See his testimonial  here-

If you are keen to explore this treatment for yourself, fix an appointment to see the doctor by calling the hospital at 044-42938938.

SVF treatment India

SVF treatment Knee osteo-arthritis India

After getting SVF biologic treatment to both her knees for osteo-arthritis, this 52 year old university professor was able to walk without pain on the same day, climb stairs on the next, cook, dust and walk within a few days; all this without taking a single painkiller. She is very happy with this knee replacement alternative nine months after her treatment in Chennai. So can you too be! Visit