BMC treatment Knee osteoarthritis Chennai

BMC treatment knee arthritis India

BMC treatment knee arthritis India. Do you want to know what this is all about? Listen to this video.

Listen to this patient’s testimonial here after understanding the above explanation.

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Knee replacement vs MSC treatment for knee osteoarthritis. First prospective cohort study India N=1.

 Knee replacement vs MSC treatment of Knee osteoarthritis, first prospective cohort study India.
Knee replacement vs MSC treatment of knee osteoarthritis India. This is the first prospectuve cohort procedures in one patient  chosen by the patient. Both were  performed by Dr. AK Venkatachalam in India. The conclusion from this single patient’s testimonial is that both procedures are effective in relieving pain. The limitation of MSC treatment is that it  does not correct severe deformity but is effective for relieving pain. The advantage  of knee replacement is that it relieves pain on a permanent basis, correct deformity and restores full mobility with the full bending knee. 

Knee replacement vs signaling cell treatment India

Knee replacement vs Signaling cell treatment India

Knee replacement vs signaling cell treatment India. Are you contemplating whether to undergo a knee replacement or signaling cell treatment for knee osteoarthritis? You might have heard of the new treatment recently in the news or from friends but don’t know much about it. Read and listen to the explanation in this video which may help you to reach a considered decision. E mail