Tips for successful signaling cell treatment India

Ultra sound guided PRP injections for shoulder pain Chennai, India

Tips for successful signaling cell treatment India. Many elderly patients are now presenting for signaling cell treatment India instead of knee replacement. This procedure also needs proper pre and post procedural care. The goal is to ensure a successful outcome to preserve your hard earned money. We should try to avoid complications like bleeding, infection and get a good result.

1. Stop Ecosporin and Clopidopril one week before your treatment in consultation with your cardiologist.
2. If you are diabetic, get it under control as elevated blood sugar levels are not conducive to signaling cell treatment.
3. Lower your food intake by 20% particularly your carbohydrate intake forty eight hours before the procedure.
4.On the day of the procedure, you should not eat any thing but you can have fluids.
5. Pre-operative investigations are essential.



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