Stem cell treatment Hip Osteo-arthritis India

Hip osteo-arthritis India- Stem cell treatment

Hip osteo-arthritis is a rare condition in India. This x ray shows bilateral hip osteo-arthritis in a 84 year old patient. He is going to receive a stem cell injection into his left hip for Hip osteo-arthritis. Also visit www, for more information on hip replacements. E mail

Stem cell treatment Hip Osteo-arthritis India
Hip x rays showing bilateral hip osteo-arthritis. Patient will receive stem cell injection into his left hip.
BMC therapy Knee Osteo-arthritis, Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam

Stem cell treatment OA knees, patient testimonial

Mr.Saeed Albadawi from Saudi Arabia got stem cell treatment  OA knees in my practice the day before yesterday morning. ( 5th May, 2016).
He has this to say this evening (7th May 2016) :
“My dear friend Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam
My dear friend, Dr. I would like to express to you my thanks and appreciation of what you’ve done toward me from the services and make stem cells process the knees and I would like to tell you that my case at the moment is good Dear Sir Thanks again You Greetings and appreciation
your friend
Saeed Albadawi ”

Stem cell treatment OA knees

Those who need this treatment in India may see for more information.