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Knee Osteoarthritis stem cell therapy Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam

Knee Osteoarthritis stem cell therapy Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam patient review at 15 months. This patient is doing well after stem cell therapy to left knee one year and three months ago. He can walk freely, Visit

to see more testimonials. All of my patients are followed up periodically with clinical evaluation of their function, functional scores, x ray and MRI imaging. Only this will ensure proper feedback in this exciting new branch of medicine. In fact this patient had a knee replacement in the right more severely involved leg and is probably his own control to compare the results of the two procedure.

BMC therapy both knees, Patient testimonial for Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam

Patient testimonial : Knee arthritis BMC/Stem Cell Procedure, Dr.Venkatachalam

Patient testimonial: Knee arthritis BMC/Stem Cell Procedure, Dr.Venkatachalam. An Indian patient from the north eastern state of Nagaland got BMC/ Stem cell procedures for both knees. Just after 48 hours, she feels relieved of her pain. She praises the doctor and his staff for the treatment. She recommends the doctor highly. To get this treatment for yourself, schedule an appointment in Chennai by e mail