Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction Oman, Dr.Venkat

Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction Oman, Dr.Venkat.  Omani patient testimonial for Dr.Venkatachalam. Dr.Venkat is an experienced knee surgeon in Oman. He is a specialist in Knee surgery. He performs knee replacements, ACL reconstruction, Meniscal and cartilage repair. He has worked in the MOH hospital in Oman  and is now working in a private hospital in Suhar, Oman. You can contact him via e mail at

Failed ACL reconstruction India

This is the x-ray of a young Omani citizen with two failed ACL reconstructions done elsewhere in India and Oman.  It shows degenerative changes in the inner half. ACL injuries are the commonest knee injury  and are a leading cause of acquired mechanical osteo-arthritis in adults.
He has come to me for an opinion since he has constant pain. I have advised him stem cell treatment to slow down the progress of the disease and postpone a knee replacement. This is the aim of joint preservation surgery in India.

Failed ACL reconstruction India


Sports injury treatment India – Joint Preservation surgery India

Are you suffering from a Sports injury in India? Get Joint preservation surgery done. See how sports injuries result in different sports.  Learn about the different sports injuries. I offer Joint preservation procedures like ACL reconstruction, Meniscal repair, replacement, PCL reconstruction in India. Email