Where are these procedures performed in India?

Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam performs these procedures in associated hospitals in Chennai and nowhere else.

Does the doctor give opinions over phone or e mail?

These are not the traditional methods in medicine as they don’t establish a proper doctor-patient relationship. If you are keen to know about your eligibility, you have to fix up an appointment with the doctor in Chennai. You can request an appointment via e mail or phone.

Do these procedures work for everybody?

Eligibility for these procedures is determined on an individual basis after clinical and radiological evaluation.

Are these procedures covered by cashless insurance?

Not yet. If you want this procedure, you may settle the bill in full and seek reimbursement with your insurance provider.

Are these procedures safe?

They are safe as they utilize your own body’s cells and tissues.

Is a PRP procedure same as a stem cell procedure?

No. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) procedure uses your peripheral blood drawn from a vein. It concentrates platelets from peripheral blood. A stem cell procedure utilizes cells drawn from bone marrow.

Which body areas do you commonly treat?

Knee, Shoulder, elbow, hip, fracture non unions and ankle.

Is a PRP procedure suitable for all knee patients?

According to available evidence, a PRP procedure provides relief only in early OA as seen on MRI films.

Can a stem cell procedure treat all grades of AVN hip?

It is possible only in stages I & II. It can provide pain relief in stage III but is not curative. You will need a hip replacement for advanced stages of AVN hip.

When can I start feeling better?

Pain relief occurs within a couple of weeks. You will start seeing more improvement over one to six months.

How long will the pain relief last?

It is hard to answer this at the moment. Published date on PRP suggests pain relief lasting up to six months.

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What is the evidence for biological treatment with cells?

There are no long term data available for stem cells at the moment. There are a number of short term studies which suggest pain relief.