Novel approach to defeat Novel COVID 19

Novel COVID has wrecked havoc over the entire world. All the continents are under siege by a novel SARS Corona virus2. Efforts are on to discover drugs and vaccines to defeat the virus. Going by the past regulatory pathway, these may take months if not years to come. Even re purposing old drugs will take time.

In this bleak context there is good news. Biological treatments have been found to work. In a trial in China, eight patients were successfully treated by mesenchymal cells.

The biggest advantage of this treatment is that it is instantly available to any one on this planet as they are present in our own bodies. The treatment is not out there but within you. They have been proved to be efficacious and safe.

It requires 1 million cells of purified cells per kilo of body weight according to this report

It is also suggested that you consult the WHO guidelines on the Corona virus here.