Stem cell treatment low back pain Chennai

Stem cell treatment Low back pain Chennai

Stem cell treatment Low back pain Chennai. This new biologic treatment relieved low back pain in this gentleman. Biologic products contain powerful chemicals which nullify pain producing chemicals in your joints and give pain relief. If you or your family members need this procedure. get in

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    I came to know about stem cell therapy for joints. I was informed Dr. A.K.Venkatacham M.S; FRCS was an expert in this field. I had fixed an appointment on 13th Sep. He did stem cell therapy (injecting stem cells extracted from my hip bone) for my both knees & for spinal vertibral bone joint Four joints. This biological treatment was completed and I returned back to Madurai from chennai by 14th Sep. night train.

    It is nearly a month since I had this biological treatment. Now I feel for better . Most important factor, it is cost effective than joint replacement.

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