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Orthobiologic treatment Chennai, India.

What is Orthobiologic treatment?

Orthobiologic treatment is defined as any treatment modality which harnesses the healing potential within the body’s native cells, redirecting their use for accelerated healing in damaged or diseased tissues of the musculoskeletal system. In common parlance, the term “orthobiologic” refers to a biologic product used in the orthopedic setting to augment biological healing or alter the natural course of an orthopedic disease. Orthobiologic treatments are thus disease modifying as they help you to heal better.

Most orthobiologic are performed by injections performed under image guidance like ultrasound or fluoroscopy.
However, it may be also be done by arthroscopic or open surgery.
The most common condition requiring a biological treatment is knee joint pain.

Which biological substances are used?

Hyaluronan has been around for some time now. I use this in early cases. I use minimally manipulated Platelet rich plasma RP and bone marrow concentrate (BMC) routinely.
I now offer Stromal vascular fraction (SVF) derived from fat. This is considered to be better than bone marrow concentrate for the following reasons.
1) Fat can be easily harvested.
2) Fat has more progenitor cells per unit volume than than bone marrow.
3) Availability of bone marrow decreases due to osteoporosis in the elderly.

1) Platelet rich Plasma (PRP)– Platelets are a type of cell in your blood. They are primarily responsible for clotting. They also contain chemicals known as growth factors which support healing and recovery processes. Platelet rich Plasma is a filtrate of Plasma rich in platelets. In PRP, the plasma contains significantly more platelets than normal, so the concentration of growth factors can be five to 10 times higher. Platelets are known to provide a diverse array of growth factors that have the ability to work independently or with other proteins and cells to improve the healing process.

2) Medicinal signalling cells (MSC). Medicinal signalling cells (MSC’s) were previously known as mesenchymal stromal cells. These are multi potent cells widely present in the body tissues. The main sources in for treatment in adults at present is bone marrow and fat. These cells can stimulate the resident cells inside a joint or bone to differentiate into cartilage and bone. They do this by an action known as ‘paracrine effect” which is basically a signal by chemical mediators (medicines) to the resident cells in a tissue, inducing them to proliferate and repair the damaged tissue. Other possible effects are by immuno-modulation and direct engraftment.  

3) Cultured specialized cells – Chondrocytes are specialized cells present in joint cartilage. Normally these cells multiply slowly and can repair small areas of damage in young patients. In a technique known as autologous chondrocyte implantation, these chondrocytes are first harvested and multiplied in the lab. They are then placed by a surgical method over a cartilage lesion.

Some of the common conditions treated by Orthobiologics are discussed below.

1) Osteo-arthritis – This is the commonest condition which can be treated by biologicals. In India, Osteo-arthritis of the knee is most prevalent. Early osteo-arthritis can be treated with biological agents like PRP, MSC’s. Surgery is the preferred option in late cases.

2) Cartilage lesion-
 A cartilage lesion is a localized area of damaged joint cartilage. It is the precursor of osteo-arthritis. I have treated symptomatic cartilage lesions with aurologous chondrocyte implantation, single stage cartilage regeneration with bone marrow fibrin gel. They can be also treated with scaffolds.

3) Bone conditions-  Avascular necrosis, delayed and non unions can be treated with cell therapy.

4) Bone marrow lesions occur in the subchondral area of joints. They are present in a number of conditions including osteo-arthritis. In osteo-arthritis, they are one of the main pain producing areas. Bone marrow lesions are treated by sub chondroplasty using platelet rich plasma or bone marrow concentrate.

5) Knee injuries– Sprains of the MCL, LCL, Menisci, tendons injuries are treatable.

6) Sports injuries – These involve soft tissues like ligaments, tendons, muscles, and joint structures. These injuries can be treated surgically with biologicals. Examples are repair of partial ACL tears and partial rotator cuff tears. See this infogram.

7) Lumbar Facet joints – These are the small joints in your low back which allow you to twist and turn. Facet joint arthritis is a disabling cause of low back pain in middle age. When conservative treatments have failed, biological injections can help to alleviate low back pain for a number of years. I offer facet joint injections with MSC’s for low back pain.

8) Hip joint- Augmentation of hip labral repair. Hip labral tears are common in India in young active individuals. This leads to hip pain and is the fore-runner of osteo-arthritis of hip. Hip labral reconstruction is a new area in which biological products like PRP and bone marrow concentrate are used.

9) Shoulder joint- Tendinosis and tendonitis of the rotator cuff, labrum, Cartilage lesions and osteoarthritis are treated

10) I treat other regions and joints like the ankle, elbow, wrist, hand and fingers with Orthobiologic injections.

Surgical Orthobiologic procedures. – These procedures are done either by key hole or open surgery. Some of the common operations are marrow stimulation, autologous chondrocyte implantation, single stage cartilage regeneration etc. Matrices and scaffolds are also used. 

I also offer joint preservation procedures of the knee, hip and other joints like osteotomy, ACL reconstruction, Meniscal repair, replacement, cartilage repair, MPFL reconstruction, rotator cuff repair etc.

Let’s look at the evidence for these biological treatments.

1) Studies have shown that PRP can offer pain relief for up to nine months in early osteo-arthritis.

2) Medicinal signalling cells are more effective in advanced cases of osteo-arthritis, offering longer pain relief.

I have satisfied patients reporting pain relief for more than two years. I also have MRI evidence which demonstrates healing of bone marrow lesions.

Advantages of Orthobiological treatments

1) They are safe.
2) They are effective.
3) A joint replacement can be postponed or avoided.

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Which conditions are treated by orthobiologics in my practice?

Common degenerative conditions of knee, shoulder, hip, fracture non unions and soft tissue injuries can be treated with orthobiologics

How are they done?

Commonly the injection procedures are done under local anesthesia and are quite painless. I use ultrasound and/or fluoroscopic guidance. Sometimes I deliver the treatment through arthroscopic or open surgery under regional or general anesthesia as a day care procedures. See how it is done here .

What are the results?

Results are encouraging in knee osteo-arthritis. Now I have patients with more than two year follow up who are pain free and functional. You can see their latest stories in the blog.
Patients have got pain relief and are able to continue with their daily activities. See this playlist for patient testimonials 

Who are the right candidates for Orthobiologic treatment Chennai, India?

  1. Patients with knee joint pain from mild to moderate osteo-arthritis may benefit from ortho-biologic treatment after trying other conservative measures..
  2. Patients medically unfit for knee replacement but still suffering from knee joint pain.

Who is not suited for orthobiologic treatment of knee arthritis in Chennai India?

  1. Obese patients with BMI > 35.
  2. Uncontrolled inflammatory arthritis like Rheumatoid arthritis and sero-negative arthritis. You may consult your rheumatologist for the management. For advanced cases, I offer joint replacements. See my website
  3. Young patients with post-traumatic arthritis and gross deformities.
  4. Generally associated deformities like bow legs, knock knees and shortening cannot be corrected and need corrective surgery like an osteotomy. To know more about this visit

Although patients with knee OA are most common, others with AVN hip, rotator cuff tears, tennis elbow, foot conditions and fracture non unions also seek help.

About Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam


Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam FRCS, M.Ch Orth, DNB Orth, MS Orth is an UK board certified orthopaedic surgeon.

He pioneered micro-fracture of knee in Chennai in 2004 . He pioneered autologous ossron implantation ( 2013), autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI)  in Chennai in 2014. He has now pioneered stromal vascular fraction treatment (SVF treatment) in Chennai, India. He has undergone training for cartilage repair, bone marrow, fat harvesting and guided injections in the USA.  He has done signaling cell & PRP procedures for hip, knee, elbow, ankle, foot and shoulder. He chairs the ethics committee  of a company for development of cellular products.
Our procedures are done only in Chennai after thorough clinical and radiological evaluation.


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